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We are an independent publishing specialising mainly in law books both for professionals and for those caught up in legal processes who need to know more. Our best sellers include Divorcing a Narcissist, The Family Court without a Lawyer, Employment Claims without a Lawyer and The Return of Breaking Law. All these help people encountering legal problems and give them an understanding of what's at stake and what's involved. Each one is written by an experienced lawyer.

In 2021 though we are publishing a more mainstream book - The Great Post Office Scandal by Nick Wallis, the award-winning journalist and broadcaster. This is a 'fictional thriller' that chronicles the shocking story of how hundreds of Subpostmasters were wrongfully prosecuted by the Post Office for fraud, theft and false accounting based on the evidence of a deeply flawed software and then how they fought through the courts to overturn those convictions. convicted

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The Great Post Office Scandal: Book launch event 22nd November

Hardback and ebook published: Thursday 18 November Launch event: Monday 22nd November, 6pm, Central London. The definitive account of the... read more

08.11.2021 • By Bath Publishing Ltd